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The 28 Day Cleanse  Rules

Combining intermittent fasting, YOR Health super food supplements  and a balanced diet to create long lasting super human results!

Liquid till Lunch

In simple terms, this means you fast for 18 hours per day.Starting at 6pm and fasting through to lunch the following day. Basically we are over fed and undernourished, we eat hard to digest foods all day long and our bodies never get time to rest and heal as they spend up to 80% of its energy trying to digest our food. The idea of eating is to gain energy and nourish the body, yet we are doing the opposite in wasting energy and toxifying the body. The 28 Day Cleanse plan has you still consume a normal amount of calories but we condense it into a 6-hour window and digest nutrients through liquid with next to no calories outside of this window through shakes, juices, teas and supplements. Basically by letting your digestive system rest and still provide it with nutrients, your body will go into healing, anti-ageing, fat burning mode!

Best Liquid Options

The lower the sugar and calories, the easier and better the digestion. So YOR Supergreens, teas, Bare Essential Oils in water and YOR Amino Hydrate are your best options. The not so great options include bottled juices, dairy (counterproductive) and of course if you need to cheat and have solid food. Try to limit your protein intake during the fasting time and keep the caloric intake during this time as low as possible.

Solid meals should be ‘balanced meals’

Low carb / low fat / low protein diets are all dangerous, so is any diet that neglects certain food types for long periods of time! So this program encourages healthy long term results by suggesting all your two meals per day are an even calorie balance of good proteins, carbohydrates and fats at approximately 33.33% ratio of each. Unless you are competing for the next Mr. Olympia you don’t need to count every calorie.

Relieving your body of digestive stress while still nourishing it is the secret to burning fat, optimal health, a long life, and loads of energy!

Best Solid Meal Options

Good Fat options: Avocado, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, raw nuts

Good Carb Options: All vegetables, fruits, legumes

Good Protein Options: Fish, protein powder, organic eggs, high protein vegan options

Eat and drink more plants!

This advice is for vegans, pescatarian and meat eaters. For both your balanced meals and your liquid meals try and make sure there is as much live, green foods in it as possible! You cannot replace the vibration in live foods which are also much more efficient at hydrating the cells properly (water has limited power). But if you are a meat eater, we follow 7 x Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advice and eat less meat.

Beware of liquid sugars!

The biggest trap of the diet is hidden sugars, people think they can drink 4 x juices before lunch and still be on the right path as they are only having liquid until 12pm. Even fresh juices that have the pulp extracted are loaded with sugars that will spike insulin, and bottled juices are obviously worse than freshly squeezed.

Use the right Supplements and Oils!

Fruit and vegetables aren’t what they use to be, as we over crop, use sprays and have depleted our soils, making supplementation essential. All supplements are not equal!! And it is crucial that you use the right ones!

For safest and most effective use, supplements must be plant based, in perfect balance and supported by digestive aid. Many artificial supplements are actually detrimental to your health, your body can’t absorb the nutrients and it ends up adding extra stress on your liver! The YOR Health Supplement range and Bare Oils provide the highest grade, plant based approach to supplementation! With the combination of peoples’ busy lifestyles and the nutrient loss in our soil, it is virtually impossible to get everything your body needs without supplement support!

Drink lots of water and exercise

No surprise here, you have heard it before

but it is crucial for the detox process!

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