Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I got told I should eat five or more meals per day?

Where did this madness come from? No one seems to know. Odds are it was a bodybuilder who was trying to add mass, but it certainly wasn’t from a human trying to get healthy. The only animals that eat all day graze on grass, not ideal for you and I.

I got told breakfast should be the biggest and most important meal of the day?

Another crazy myth, most people spike their blood sugar with a large, sugary breakfast causing a huge crash several hours later and promote a yo-yo effect of eating for the whole day. Eating large meals also makes you sleepy, so why wear your body out first thing?

Can I build muscle on this program?

Absolutely, studies are showing the increase in human growth hormone release by fasting. Even fasting during exercise continues to show positives effects towards muscle growth. As long you are eating surplus calories for the day, you can add weight. If you’re a hard gainer / ectomorph type you may need to add extra calories to your liquid nutrition phase through things like coconut oils.

Isn’t cutting calories too low dangerous?

Absolutely and causes starvation mode which causes your body to hold fat! So make sure you eat enough calories in your 6-hour window and even have some calories during the liquid phase.

Can I fast at night instead of breakfast?

Yes, work it in with your schedule, as long as there is only a 6-hour solid food window it will be fine.

What do I do if I work out in the morning?

Studies continue to show strength should not be impaired by training fasted, however you may want to consume a Shake post workout.

Can I ingest essential oils?

This is widely debated, but one thing is for sure, if you are going to they must be organic and therapeutic grade! The TGA in Australia allows digestion upon approval, but you have to make sure you HEAVILY DILUTE them and brush your teeth after use as it’s said to affect your tooth enamel. If you have concerns on dosage contact an aromatherapist.

How long can I stay on this diet?

Forever! This is a way of life not a diet. In fact, this is how you were designed to eat! Caveman didn’t wake up to caught and picked food on his door step and have 4-5 meals readily available throughout the day.

I am getting sick and feeling worse?

This is common and is known as the herexia effect, which basically means toxins are being released and excreted from the body making you feel worse before you feel the positive effects.

How can I enhance the diet further?

The stricter you are the better, clean meals in the solid phase and as close to water as possible in the liquid phase.

What do I do if I feel hungry?

You aren’t hungry, you are experiencing a bad habit!

Can I do cheat meals?

Yes, this diet allows for cheat meals, but take it easy! It’s not an invitation to binge eat! So do it in moderation! You can have meals that contain excess sugar and fats on the odd occasion and maybe once per week is a good starting point. But this isn't a free pass to binge eat until you feel sick. If I know I will have a slice of cake with dinner, I will go easy on the dinner and order a salad or something light to compensate.

What is included in the program?

All of the products you need

- Super Greens

- Fiber Plus

- Probiotic Ultra

- Digest Ultra Enzyme

- Amino Hydrate / YOR Shake / GREAT Protein (Choose one or all of these)

- Peppermint Oil

- Lemon Oil

- Boost Oil

- Fractionated coconut oil to dilute oils

- Free E-Book guide

Are there any guarantees?

Yes, you have a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you aren’t thrilled with your results you can send the products back and get a refund.