Hamish Aitken, Independent distributor of YOR Health


Hamish Aitken

28daycleanse.com.au is owned and operated by Hamish Aitken; an official independent distributor of YOR Health. I am based in Brisbane, Australia and I sell YOR Health to all parts of Australia, NZ, USA, Canada and throughout Asia and the rest of the world. How do I know YOR Health and Intermittent Fasting work? I follow this regime on a daily basis!

My passion for finding the perfect nutritional solution for total human optimization was impelled by my situation mid 2013. I had sustained a career ending injury whilst working overseas in the physically arduous occupation of Australian Infantry Soldier.
In a state of despair that my once fit body was now broken and that my Army career was now over. I turned to researching, studying and experimenting in a quest to find what actually worked. My research lead me to the importance of gut health and digestion and at this time I discovered the YOR Health supplement range. A product range founded on the knowledge that digestion and nutrient absorption are the keys to great health and fitness.

I believe that in life we are meant to thrive instead of just struggling to survive. I believe that the human body is designed to be healthy always, as long as the conditions it requires to be healthy are present. Most people throughout the world don't understand these conditions and are sabotaging themselves and their health on a daily basis. This isn't helped when we are constantly fed propaganda and programmed by a money making machine to poison ourselves with genetically altered food, pharmaceuticals and addictive fast food. Now more than ever people are sick, diseased and dying from preventable sickness. I am passionate about revealing the truth to better health and providing and working on the solutions.

Aside from intermittent fasting, superfood supplements and essential oils the perfect conditions for health as I see them are;

  • Living a toxin free lifestyle
  • Consuming the ideal diet
  • Receiving adequate sunlight, fresh air and pure water
  • Receiving adequate exercise and rest
  • Attaining emotional poise and balance