What is the 28 Day Cleanse


The 4 Pillars of the Program

  1. Intermittent Fasting   Enormous amounts of research and results are proving the health benefits of IF. Especially in relation to weight loss, cell rejuvenation, hormone balance, detoxification, mental focus and general wellness. Rest the digestive system so the body can heal!
  2. YOR Health plant based superfood supplements   Never before has man had access to high concentrates of super foods readily available each day! Take your life to a whole new level! The secret to our supplements is that they go to work on the body starting at the cellular level to refuel, replenish, and rejuvenate your body, life and happiness
  3. Essential Oils   Mother natures super powers, the most powerful extracts of plants have been extracted and used to heal health ailments, increase performance, clean, cook and much, much more!
  4. A balanced, plant rich diet   Most diets fail by eliminating food groups or types, our program promotes balanced, clean eating that promotes lots of plants and allowing a few treats too!


Your body is designed to be a healthy, energetic, lean, fat burning machine

The Problem

  • We eat too many calories and get not enough nutrients
  • Our soil is depleted, our food isn't what it once was
  • We consume too many harmful toxins and chemcials
  • We eat fake, dead, over cooked foods and we can't break it down, activate and absorb it
  • Our digestive systems are toxic and we are clogged up and out of balance causing havoc throughout the whole body
  • We are too busy to do anything about it! 

Our Solution

  • Nourish the body with low calorie super foods
  • Alkalise and cleanse the body
  • Break down, absorb and activate food properly
  • Rest the system so the body can heal itself
  • Balance the digestive system

So What are the Benefits

  • no counting calories
  • enjoy eating out and socialising
  • simple, easy to follow
  • low meal prep
  • suitable for all goals
  • suitable and adjustable to all diet types
young fit woman doing yoga in Brooklyn

Typical Results

  • burn fat as a fuel source
  • long lasting energy
  • improve recovery times
  • reduce inflammation
  • improved digestion
  • feel better